Moving back into the NU-Q building will take place over time and in several steps. At each phase, additional members of the community will be allowed to return to the building safely. Throughout this process, social distancing and the use of face masks will be required. In addition, NU-Q will be undertaking increased space planning and cleaning protocols.

Phase 1

July 1 

Maximum of 20 percent of staff

In this phase only essential staff who need to coordinate and prepare the building for occupancy including thorough cleaning and sanitizing the building, furniture, and fixtures; installing appropriate signage and demarcation for physical distancing around the building; installing and providing sufficient hand sanitizer, wipes, cleaning products, and hand soap; remove chairs and desks to ensure proper physical distancing in the conference and waiting rooms. These are the staff who are physically present in the NU-Q building during a campus emergency or crisis, including closure or a partial or total shift to virtual operations.

Phase 2

July 15

Maximum of 40 percent of staff

Staff from Phase 1 and critical staff who, by reason of subject matter expertise or functional responsibilities, are required to be physically present to complete, support, and/or oversee completion of activities that support important NU-Q operations. In collaboration and consultation with the department directors, critical staff will be identified and notified of when to report to work in the building and expected work schedule within the building.

Phase 3

August 1

Maximum of 60 percent of staff

Staff from Phase 2 and staff whose core duties require in-person interaction or service delivery in the NU-Q building and which cannot be carried out through remote or virtual means. All other staff who can perform their duties through remote or virtual means should continue to work remotely.

Phase 4

September 1

Maximum of 80 percent of staff

Staff from Phase 3 and faculty who need to be in the NU-Q building to prepare for classes and all other staff who need to occasionally be in the building to perform certain core duties that cannot be performed through remote or virtual means.

Phase 5


maximum of 80 percent of faculty, staff, and students

Staff and faculty from Phase 4 and students who are scheduled for in-person classes to be held in the NU-Q building and those who need to access building facilities and/or equipment to fulfill course requirements.


Social and Physical Distancing

In line with guidelines from Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and our home campus to reduce infection rates and slow the spread of COVID-19, NU-Q will require everyone to follow social distancing protocols.

  • Staff, faculty, and students must maintain at least two meters of social distance from others wherever possible
  • All managers and supervisors are to facilitate the social distancing of staff and faculty, utilizing resources and guidance provided by the university
  • Staff, faculty, and students are required to follow any capacity and space restrictions imposed in the NU-Q building
  • Staff, faculty, and students are required to follow any signage or instruction regarding the use of common spaces, hallways, elevators, or pathways throughout the building
  • Staff, faculty, and students are asked to report locations or examples of social distancing congestion to the directors of facilities management or health, safety security, and environment to assist with identifying potential problem areas

Face Coverings and Face Masks

Faculty, staff, students, contractors, and visitors must wear a face mask or face covering at all times when in the NU-Q building except for when an individual is alone in a private office with the door closed. More information on how to wear a mask can be found here.