Funding Resources

The Research office provides support to faculty in identifying external funding opportunities and developing grant proposals to support their research activities.

Additionally, the Research office can help build partnerships with colleagues at our Evanston campus, other Education City universities, and beyond. Please reach out to the Research office ( to further discuss grant proposals and collaborations.

Faculty can apply for the following funding opportunities:

National Priorities Research Program (NPRP)

Grant offered by: Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)


Summary: NPRP is the flagship funding program of QNRF. Every year it funds proposals ranging in value from US$20,000 to US$300,000 annually, for research project periods of one, two or three years. The grants offered through the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) will:

  • Build human capital in Qatar
  • Fund research to benefit the nation, the region, and the world
  • Raise Qatar’s profile within the international research community

Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

Grant offered by: Qatar National Research Fund


Summary: The Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) promotes 'Learning by Doing' and 'Hands-On' mentorship activities as effective methods for undergraduate education. In addition to a research-based education, students gain experience with team-based research collaboration with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other undergraduates or research staff in Qatar.

Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP)

Grant offered by: Qatar National Research Fund


Summary:The Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP) aims to connect researchers in Qatar to their peers and colleagues, both at home and abroad, by exposing researchers or students to new research directions, findings, and education techniques. The CWSP provides a hub for informing scientists from abroad about research opportunities in Qatar through interaction with their counterparts here, and encourage them to explore the potential for collaboration.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Program

Grant offered by: Office of Undergraduate Research


Summary: URAP offers faculty members the opportunity to hire an undergraduate student to work with them on their research or creative projects. Students are paid an hourly wage ($10/hour) for their work.

Deadlines (for faculty members to apply): October 10, 2016 for academic year projects; April 23, 2017 for summer projects.

Eligibility: Full-time Northwestern University faculty. Neither graduate students nor post-docs may apply. Undergraduate students may work in a URAP position until graduation.

What it is: URAP projects should offer substantial experiences for the undergraduate with mentoring and inclusion in the research process as key elements. The experience should be mutually beneficial. URAP-funded activities help student assistants develop the skills and expertise that will later make them good candidates for Undergraduate Research Grants, which provide funding for independent projects.

Students can apply for the following opportunities:

Students can apply for the following opportunities:

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