NU-Q Media and Research Awards

NU-Q Media and Research Awards

NU-Q Media and Research Awards

The annual NU-Q Media and Research Awards celebrate student work in film, photography, journalism, research, and more. Submissions are adjudicated by selected faculty and industry leaders.


2019 Nominations

The 2019 awards ceremony will take place in March. Details about the event and awards nominations are TBA.


2018 Winners & Nominees

Creative Writing

A Wretched Open Road
Albandari Al-Kuwari

GCC Crisis
Manar Al-Jamal

Return to Sender
Rawan Al-Nassiri

Sara Sarwar

Terima Kasih
Zaki Hussain, Rami Al-Samarrae, Nicholas Wong


I Heard
Buthayna Al-Mohammadi, Sana Al-Ansari

Noura Ibrahim

The Magic Eye
Yassine Ouahrani

Neha Rashid, Ammar Younas, Zaki Hussain

Independent: Image

What does Hijab mean to you?
Noor Abunaba, Mariam Al-Dhubhani

Freshmen react to Karak
Syed Erzum Naqvi

Yassine Ouahrani, Suleima AlHajAbed, Shaunak Ranade

How To Get Over a Heartbreak
Zaki Hussain, Nicholas Wong, Ahmad Alony, Ammar Younas

Independent: Written

Homesickness – Hankering for Home
Fatima Hassan

Students concerned about NU-Q’s portrayal in Evanston student publications
Mariam Al-Dhubhani, Lolwa Al-Thani

CMU-Q hosts discussion with humanitarian Jordan Hattar
Rahma El-Deeb, Neha Rashid

Op-Ed: Lost in (mis)translation
Sara Sarwar, Ifath Arwah Syed

Journalistic Writing

Divorce in Qatar Declining, Despite Common Perceptions
Albandari Al-Kuwari

When fashion meets tourism
Fatema Al-Thayeb

The Morphology of Urban Qatari Homes
Nayla Al-Naimi

Reconnecting Art and Qatari Culture
Salwa Sadek

Tribes and Neighborhoods

Sarah Assami


Juyoung Choi, Mingi Yoon

Jack the Ripper / Murders and Letters
Rhytha Zahid Hejaze

Narrative Fiction

Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman, Achira Bhattacharyya, A.J Al-Thani, Razi Al-Islam

Noor Abunaba, Mariam Al-Dhubhani, Fareehan Elgakhlab, Malak Al-Manna

Alya and Majed
Shaikha Al Moawda, Maryam Al Romaihi, Wijdan AlKhateeb, Dana Mahmoud, Dalia Kanaan


Qatar’s take on trafficking
Ayilah Chaudhary, Mariam Feroun

Brexit in the Media
Noor A Jassimi, Manar Al-Jamal

Hajj and the Qatar Blockade
Rimal Farrukh, Rania Hassan

Research and Analysis: Humanities

Hurricane Harvey: Lack of Preparation and the Role of Human Agency
Buthayna Al-Mohammadi

Colonialism's influence on the sexist narrative among contemporary Salafi scholars
Ifath Arwah Syed

Qatar-Gulf Crisis: Accelerating Qatar's National Branding Process
Neha Rashid, Fatima Hassan, Xiran Liu

Is Arabic Being Bullied?
Sarah Assami, Sara Zainel, Hessa Al-Mannai

Identity Politics in Two States
Ibtesaam Moosa

Research and Analysis: Social Science

Examining Candidate-Centric and Voter Mobilization Strategies of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Ibtesaam Moosa

Media Trust and Importance of News Platforms in Qatar
Jia Naqvi

Toy Story: The Final Sequence
Noor Own

Strategic Communication

Basmah Azmi, Neha Rashid, Roudah Al Attiyah, Yow-Ru Chen

Art of the Blockade: Spread Art for Qatar
Boshra Al-Meraikhi, Bothaina Al-Thani, Racha El-Ouarradi, Noora Al-Thani

The Good Indian Girl
Ibtesaam Moosa, Basmah Kamran Azmi, Zaki Hussain

Seeking Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa
Noor Abunaba, Mariam Feroun, Fareehan Elgakhlab, Hiba Awouda


2017 Winners & Nominees

Creative Writing

Brick-Walled Prison
Basmah Azmi

Amna Al-Baker

Fault Lines
Urooj Azmi

Sheikha Bahzad

Mother Knows Best
Jawaher AlMoawda


Al Ghwasa – Pearl Diving
Maryam Al-Thani and Sheikha Bahzad

Children of Yemen
Rumana Shaikh, Wajeeha Malik, Nayab Malik

Mathaf Bu Lahdan (mathaf Al Thakhira)
Usama Alony Hamed

Noof Al Sulaiti and Urooj Azmi

The Two
Shuhan Zhang and Lindsay Jiajun Lu


Cut Off
Sana Al-Ansari, Nouf Al-Sulaiti, Abdulla Kamal

Suleima AlHaj Abed, Hessa Al-Mannai, Noura Ibrahim

Bushra Salhi

Independent: Image

Zaki Hussain

Convict of 302 
Shakeeb Asrar and Urooj Azmi

Somewhere, Sometime
Jemina Legaspi and Muhammad Faizan Shakir

Independent: Writing

Despite Student Concerns, EC Tap Water is Safe to Drink
Jueun Choi

Living with Depression and Anxiety
Habibah Abass

On Death Row in Pakistan
Shakeeb Asrar and Urooj Kamran Azmi

Peregrine: A German expat pushes the gender lines of falconry in Qatar
Sara Zainel

Journalistic Writing

Underreported Rape Crimes in Qatar
Habibah Abass and Ifath Sayed

"Shh... we're dating"
Neha Rashid

Queens of Layering
Anzish Mirza

When Interfaith "Dialogue" Doesn't Go So Well
Jeuen Choi


Graphics Corner
Urooj Kamran Azmi (w/ Saskia Wiesebron & Avery Fisher)

Interactive Journalism
Shakeeb Asrar


Breastfeeding in Qatar
Lolwa Al Thani

Dhow Tradition
Sara Al Ansari

Divvy Bikes Come to Evanston
Shakeeb Asrar

Magnificent Century
Aamer Hassan

Research: Humanities

Evolution In Pakistan and Saudi Arabia
Shakeeb Asrar

Islam and the Shaping of African History
Aamer Hassan

The Emergence of Alternative Media in Yemen
Muhammad Faizan Shakir

Research: Social Sciences

Effects of Childhood Cancer on Siblings and Their Coping Mechanisms
Muhammad Faizan Shakir

The Anomaly that is the United States of America
Amanda Melhem

U.S. Senate Race 2016: Arizona -- John McCain
Hamza Alony Hamed


2016 Winners and Nominations

The Written Word


This category is for any kind of writing that is intended to be more expressive than expository, including poetry and short stories.

On the Meaning of the Word K nickerbocker (It was his way of laughing at the British) - Winner
By Alya AlHarthy

Biological Father
By Reem Saad

An Autobiography
By Ifath Sayed

The Complacent Bride
By Silma Suba

Conversations with Dad: You can't escape your culture
By Youmna Al-Gailey


This category is for any kind of writing that is intended to be more expressive than expository, screenplays, and plays. 

Reversal of Fortune
By Huda Barakat

Pawtney Way - Winner
By James Copplestone Farmer

Journalistic Writing

This category is for any kind of writing created under the broad umbrella of “news,” including hard news, feature articles, profiles, or editorials. 

Journalistic Piece
By Reem Saad

Adopting Qatari Lifestyle
By Shakeeb Asrar

The Orenda Project: Bringing Education to Pakistani Slums - Winner
By Silma Suba

Research and analysis: Humanities

This category is reserved for analytic papers that employ methods and conventions most common in the humanities, including art history, film and media studies, English, history, religion, etc. 

Free Speech Movement and the Start of Counterculture
By Shuhan Zhang

Exploring Gender Representations of Arabic Comics in Majid Magazine
By AlReem AlMazroei

Women Correspondents at War - Winner
By Ifath Sayed

Research and analysis: Social Science

This category is reserved for analytic papers that employ research questions and methods most common in the social sciences, including anthropology, communication studies, economics, political science, sociology, etc. 

The Politics of Rentier Benefits and Permanent Residency in Qatar - Winner
By Jueun Choi

Examining the Gender Gap: Where are the education Qatar Women in the Workplace?
By Malak Monir

Immigrants in the United Kingdom: Integration through Group Rights
By Shakeeb Asrar

Is there a possible secular Islamic Caliphate - A case study of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK
By Syed Owais Ali

The Image


This category is for time- and image-based work that falls under the documentary mode of production. 

By Jawaher Al-Moawda and Alessandra El Chanti

Makh'b - Winner
By Aisha Al Muhannadi

Story Corps
By Menna Azzam and Sana Mahdi Ansari

The Story of a Pearl Diver
By Nada Bedair and Shaikha Alderbesti

Khan of Comedy
By Shahnawaz Zali and James Copplestone Farmer


This category is reserved for visual stories that are based on entirely fictional events or are fictionalized versions of actual events.

The Tamaashbeens - Duniya Re - Winner
By Muammad Faizan Shakir, Vibhav Gautam, and Urooj Azmi


This category is reserved for visual stories that are based on entirely fictional events or are fictionalized versions of actual events that was not done for academic course work.

Hakimwala - Of the Rulers
By Syed Owais Ali and Urooj Azmi

100 Steps - Sou Qadam - Winner
By Shahnawaz Zali and Yazan Abughaida


Journalistic approaches to visual storytelling would fall into this category, including broadcast news packages, news photography, or video news packages. 

Culture Enclosed Within Walls - Winner
By Anzish Mirza

Crimes Towards Cats
By Ifath Sayed

Desi Dhamaka
By Neha Rashid


Slideshows, web-based projects, or other visual projects that employ multiple formats fall into this category. 

Artless in Doha
By Manar Al-Jamal, Rouda Al-Attiyah, and Award Al-Radi

Religious Tolerance in Qatar - Winner
By Jueun Choi and Sarah Sarwar

Musicians in Qatar: Is it Islamic or Not?
By Neha Rashid and Anzish Mirza

Passion We Share - PR Campaign
By Shakeeb Asrar, Omaima Es Samali, Fatima Al-Sulaiti and Aamena Ahmad

Qatar's Toothache
By Ifath Sayed, Xiran Liu and Nadine Abulnasr

Good as New
Jaser Alagha, Menna Kamel


2015 Winners

Communication awards

Best Picture

Good as New
Jaser Alagha, Menna Kamel

Best Screenplay

100 Steps - Sou Qadam
Shahnawaz Zali

Best Documentary

Home Away from Homeland
Aisha Al Mansoor, Najwa Al-Thani, Noora Al-Thani, Haneen Hindi

Best Cinematography

Soldiers of Risk
Jemina Legaspi

Best Animation

Felix's Voyage
Amna Alkayat, Maha Al Marzoqi, Maryam Al-Thani

Best Editing

Aisha Al Muhannadi, Reem Al Kuwari, Najla Al Khulaifi

Journalism awards

Best Hard News Article

"As Ag Weighs Plastic Bag Law, Dallas Passes Its Own"
Aamena Ahmed

Best Feature Article

"Worker's Rights  Enabling Dale" Aamena Ahmed, Chantelle D'Mello

Best Profile Article

"Life in Color"
Chantelle D'Mello

Best Photography

Asma Elsaka

Best Sound Slideshow

"Everyday Drugs, Everyday High"
Chantelle D'Mello, Noora Al-Thani, Hamza Alony

Best Video Package

"Rapping Up Qatar"
Chantelle D'Mello

Liberal arts awards

Best Poem

"What Was and Will Be Enlightenment"
Nissryne Dib, Silma Suba

Best Critical Analysis

"The Paradox of Sophia Al Maria's The Girl Who Fell to Earth: Non-Conformity of Seeking Security?" Aamena Ahmed

Best Original Research Piece

"Dub, Dub-Key and Dabkeh: Palestinian Resistance through Reggae Music in Israel"
Yazan Abughaida

Independent Awards

Best Freelance Piece - Journalism

"Rising Heat Take Toll on Qatar's Outdoor Workers"
Chantelle D'Mello

Best Independent Film


2014 Winners

Communication Awards

Best Film

By Syed Owais Ali and Shahnawaz Zali

Learn more about the film on IMDb

Best Animation

By Shaikha Al-Naimi and Saba Singh

Best Documentary

Perditus: Lost
By Malak Alomari, Eun Ah Rhee, Maryam Al-Thani

Watch Perditus: Lost

Best Cinematography

By Syed Owais Ali and Shahnawaz Zali

Learn more about the film on IMDb

Best Editing

Ethereal Prison
By Yazan Abu Ghaidah and Amin Zaky

Best Screenplay

The Dependent Variable
By Yazan Abu Ghaidah

Journalism Awards

Best Sound Slideshow

Weight Loss Surgery Project
By J. Zach Hollo and Sophie Qingjia Jiang

Best News Video Package

Anime in Qatar
By Paulo Fugen

Best Article

The Cost of Consumption
By Haneen Hindi

Read the article

Best Documentary Film

The Unwanted
By Rawan AlThabatah

Liberal Arts Awards

Best Poem

By Paulo Fugen

Independent Awards

Best Independent Film (Communication)

By James Copplestone Farmer and Yazan Abu Ghaidah

Best Freelance Piece (Journalism)

Through the Eye of the Needle
By Chantelle D’Mello


2013 Winners

Best Picture

“For Freedom”
Jaser Alagha and Menna Kamel

Best Director

“The Witness”
Nissryne Dib, Farida Zahran, Mohammed Buhmaid, Rawan Al Thabatah

Best Art Direction  

“The Witness”
Nissryne Dib, Farida Zahran, Mohammed Buhmaid, Rawan Al Thabatah

Best Short Documentary

"Refugee Lives - Al Malaath Al Amn”
Ismaeel Naar, Salima Al-Ismaili, Zainab Sultan

Best Long Documentary

“The True Heroes of the Greek Financial Crisis”
Elysia Windrum and Asma Ajroudi

Best Animation  

“A Chitwan Story”
Zahed Bata

Best Cinematography

Sarah Sabry, Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb, Muna Barakat

Best Film Editing

“Mr. Eggbrown”
Reel Mahir, Fatima Al-Hajri, Maryam Al-Thani

Best Music Video

“Night of the Hunter”
Jaser Alagha and Menna Kamel

Best Landscape Photography  

Jaser Alagha


Best Profile

Profile 3
Ismaeel Naar

Best General News Photography 

"Msheirib Rising X"
Saif-U-Din AlNuweiri

Msheirib Rising X

Best News Package Video

“New Consumer Protection Law in Qatar”
Elysia Windrum

Best Feature Article

“Independent Schools”
Aamena Ahmed

Best Profile Article

“Healing for a Lifetime”
Aamena Ahmed

Best Screenplay

Tasbih Amin

Best Sound Slideshow (2 Winners)

"Challenging Potential at Awsaj Academy"
Aamena Ahmed and Maha Al-Ansari

“Qatar’s Water Woes”
Aamena Ahmed and Ardinny Razania

Best Profile Video

“The Life of a Diabetic Child”
Caitlin Sewell and Muneera Al-Buainain 

Best Literary Analysis

Aamena Ahmed

Best Poem

Abir Bouguerra