NU-Q Graduation

NU-Q Graduation

2019 Graduation

Northwestern University in Qatar holds an annual graduation ceremony and related events to honor NU-Q students who have completed their studies. This year, graduation will be held on May 6.

Date Event

April 16

Senior Lunch
12 pm
NU-Q Dining Hall
Open to all graduating seniors and faculty

May 7

QF Convocation
Time and location TBA

May 5

NU-Q Rehearsal
NU-Q Large Events Hall

May 6

NU-Q Graduation
12:00pm Robing room opens + photos
1:00pm Ceremony, NU-Q Large Events Hall
Open to invited guests only




For NU-Q’s Graduation ceremony, Class of 2019 students will receive five (5) tickets for the Events Hall, plus three (3) tickets for live-stream viewing in the Auditorium or Projection Theatre. Tickets must be presented at the door.

Ticket information for QF Convocation will be announced at a later date.


Student Speakers

To be considered for the student speaker for Graduation, please submit a 4-minute written speech per the below timeline. All submissions should be emailed to

The student speaker for the Graduation ceremony will be chosen by a panel including: Dean Dennis, Mary Dedinsky, Gregory Lowe, Hariclea Zengos, and Keelie Sorel.

Timeline to be considered for Graduation student speaker:

March 16      Deadline for all written speeches to be submitted. No late speeches will be accepted
March 17 - 21  Record speeches (you will be contacted)
April 4 Student Speaker will be announced
April 7 - 11 Chosen speaker edits speech, with faculty assistance
Mid - April Student meets with Dean Dennis to present final speech

 Graduate Attire

Graduate Attire

Custom purple rental gowns designed for Northwestern that feature the university crest must be worn by all participants. NU-Q rents regalia for all students. This regalia must be returned to us in order to collect your diploma. You are not allowed to alter this regalia in any manner. Please fill out the following form no later than February 15, 2019 so that we can order the correct regalia for you:

Tassels that feature the Northwestern seal signet are worn on the left side.

Participants will receive a souvenir stole of gratitude. It is worn during the ceremony and after the ceremony is presented to someone who provided help and support to the graduate – like parents, relatives, or a mentor.

All participants may keep their cap and tassel, but the gown must be returned upon collection of the diploma. 

Graduates may purchase a gown instead of renting one

Purchase a gown at:

Ship it to the following address by March 1:

Your Name
Qatar Support Office
1801 Maple Avenue, Suite 5320
Evanston, IL 60201

Note: This is the Qatar Support Office in Evanston -- they will forward it on with the other regalia. In order to ensure your regalia is here by graduation day, all orders must be made by March 1, at the latest. It takes six weeks to produce custom regalia and one week to ship it to Doha.

Class rings

If a student wishes to purchase a class ring, visit:  

Visas for Family

Visas for Family

If you are an international student planning to bring family members into the country for graduation, your family members should enter the country via the visa on arrival system, if they are a national of one of the 80 countries that allow for visa-free entry. The list of the 80 countries is below.

If you have a visitor coming from a country that is not part of the visa-free system, please contact Saeed Mohamed ( and provide him with the following documents:
1.       Passport copy of that family member
2.       Passport copy of the QF-sponsored student
3.       RP/QID of QF-sponsored student
Official Visit Visas are free of cost and are valid for 3 months of issue date. Please submit all materials by Thursday, March 1.
Please also note the following:
• Official visit visas are only for immediate family members, such as parent, sibling, spouse, and children, but not for aunt/uncle, grandparents, cousins, etc.
• Each student may only host up to two family members. You may apply for more, but this is at the discretion of Qatar Foundation.
Contact for any questions.

Countries Eligible for Visa on Arrival
Nationals of the following 33 countries will not require prior visa arrangements and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival in Qatar. The waiver will be valid for 180 days from the date of issuance and entitle its holder to spend up to 90 days in Qatar, during either a single trip or on multiple trips.

1. Austria

2. Bahamas

3. Belgium

4. Bulgaria

5. Croatia

6. Cyprus

7. Czech Republic

8. Denmark

9. Estonia

10. Finland

11. France

12. Germany

13. Greece

14. Hungary

15. Iceland

16. Italy

17. Latvia

18. Liechtenstein

19. Lithuania

20. Luxembourg

21. Malta

22. Netherlands

23. Norway

24. Poland

25. Portugal

26. Romania

27. Seychelles

28. Slovakia

29. Slovenia

30. Spain

31. Sweden

32. Switzerland

33. Turkey

Nationals of the following 47 countries will not require prior visa arrangements and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival in Qatar. The waiver will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and entitle its holder to spend up to 30 days in Qatar, during either a single trip or on multiple trips. This waiver may be extended for a further 30 days.

1. Andorra

2. Argentina

3. Australia

4. Belarus

5. Bolivia

6. Brazil

7. Brunei

8. Canada

9. Chile

10. China

11. Colombia

12. Ecuador

13. Panama

14. Costa Rica

15. Georgia

16. Guyana

17. Hong Kong

18. India

19. Indonesia

20. Ireland

21. Japan

22. Kazakhstan

23. Lebanon

24. Azerbaijan

25. Macedonia

26. Malaysia

27. Maldives

28. Mexico

29. Moldova

30. Monaco

31. New Zealand

32. Paraguay

33. Peru

34. Russia

35. San Marino

36. Singapore

37. South Africa

38. South Korea

39. Suriname

40. Cuba

41. Thailand

42. Ukraine

43. United Kingdom

44. United States

45. Uruguay

46. Vatican City

47. Venezuela



The Northwestern University in Qatar building is located at the corner of Slope Roundabout/Interchange, across from Sidra Medical & Research Center. Guests should use Education City Gates 2, 3, or 5 to access our campus.

Parking is available next to the Qatar Facilty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) building. From there, you may walk or take a golf buggie to our campus building.

Parking Northwestern University in Qatar