Spotlight: Class of 2018 graduates

The Peninsula spoke with three Class of 2018 graduates, Zaki Hussein, Neha Rashid, and Noof Al Sulaiti, about the important role of media professionals in Qatar today. 

Below is an excerpt: 

“It is an exciting time to be a media graduate. With a rapidly changing media landscape, the job of a media professional is important now more than ever. With the tangible and intangible skills that I honed in these four years, I look forward to shed some light on stories about minority voices that may be drowned by the influx of media content,” Zaki Hussein, a graduate this year with a Major in Communication told The Peninsula.

Zaki also says that the knowledge that he gained through undergraduate studies will contribute back to his home, Singapore, by teaching and also producing meaningful content for the region.

Referring to reaching the end of the journey at NU-Q he says, “NU-Q encourages me to pay it forward. Therefore, I am set to go home and contribute back to my country’s growing media landscape. That being said, I will definitely miss NU-Q as it played an integral role in my personal and professional growth. It’s pretty bitter sweet.”

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