Q&A: A conversation with a Qatari filmmaker

Qatar Happening discusses the creative process of her new film with Northwestern University in Qatar alumna Nouf Al Sulaiti (Class of 2018). 

Below is an excerpt:

You have a new film coming out, how did you come up with the concept, and can you share the name of the film?

I remember I was so inspired to write right after a Master class with my favourite directors, Asghar Farhadi, in the last years of Qumra. I left that Master class feeling like I had something to say about women and inequality, and I did, I turned it into a script and filmed it a year later. It’s called Gubgub, which means crab.

The film is about a girl, after getting her first catch of the day while crab hunting with her father and brother, bright-eyed Jawaher shows it to her father. He dismisses her, but goes on to praise her brother’s catch. Determined to win her father’s approval, Jawaher shrugs off his hurtful reaction and sets out to catch ten crabs. On her quest, she finds herself battling for a catch with Nawaf, a boy who shares her goal.

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