Local start-up CEO: blockade can inspire innovation

Abir Bouguerra, chief executive officer of Vectorize and NU-Q alumni, shares how the startup has been affected by recent geopolitical events.

NU-Q alumna Abir Bouguerra—now the co-founder and CEO of Vectorize, a Qatari start-up specializing in 3D printing—feels the blockade may be a boon for local businesses and products.

From the Gulf Times:

"'At Vectorize, we take a lot of inspiration from greater businesses such as Apple or Facebook, which were created during similar [challenging] times. We’re not saying we’ll be the next Steve Jobs but we definitely aim to be on the same level as these great leaders and if we go back to their stories, these companies faced their own struggles and turmoil so the blockade should actually inspire us to take the path or walk in the same steps as these businesses,' Bouguerra explained."

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