HRH Prince El Hassan of Jordan advocates for transparency in discussion with NU-Q students

February 07, 2013

Photo: His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan discusses with students at Northwestern University in Qatar how journalists can overcome bureaucracy in the Middle East by tapping into official sources. Speaking to students of a “Media Law and Ethics” class, Prince El Hassan addressed the role of press in Arab societies, emphasizing the importance of open dialogue—whether positive or negative—on social and political issues in the Middle East. Journalists “can only help the process if knowledge is burst open,” he noted.

HRH also gave students insight into Jordan’s upcoming national census, stressing the need for accessible data about the region, and encouraged NU-Q students to enhance the field of journalism through reliable reporting and critical thinking. “Try to be truthful to yourself, and then try to be truthful with others,” he advised, adding that “it’s not only the art of conversing, but it’s also the art of listening that is important.”