Our Home in Education CityDoha, Qatar

Our Home in Education City
Doha, Qatar

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, production facilities, and classrooms, Northwestern University in Qatar is one of the largest campuses for media and communication anywhere in the world.

Northwestern University Qatar - Newsroom

The Newsroom: NU-Q’s fully-automated newsroom features some of the most advanced technology in broadcast and production. Designed by Beirut architect Ali Wazani, the space allows students to work in all components of news production. Using a feed from live newswires, students are able to gather information and transform it into stories, graphics, and other digital visualization elements.

The automated newsroom, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, and unique in the region, enables one person to run the entire show. The modular design of the newsroom allows students to produce a variety of programs using the available set, which can be converted to include talk shows, a panel on social media feeds, a modern news desk, and an interactive video wall. The newsroom includes its own control room and an edit suite to produce graphics and render audio, as well as the ability to produce live reports across multiple platforms.

Northwestern University Qatar - Forum

Forum: The Forum is a central fixture of the NU-Q building wtih a cafe for meet-ups and study breaks. The space is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and a three-story tall "media wall."

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar
Northwestern University Qatar - Media Majlis

The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar: This museum, scheduled to open in the autumn of 2018, will explore and examine media, journalism, and communication—pasts, presents, and futures—through global, regional, and local/Qatar lenses. This new type of museum will be an active space, bringing people together to engage with exhibitions and programs challenging standard narratives, where stories and ideas are discussed with audiences.

As the first university museum in Qatar, The Media Majlis will feature exhibitions questioning, exploring, and discussing stories and objects that provide 360° perspectives of deep multi-faceted subjects. Exhibitions aim to introduce and facilitate exploration of topics to equip audiences to examine the media world and actively engage with it, empowering audiences with a greater understanding and ability to interrogate the media and journalism surrounding them. Featuring extensive digital capacity exhibitions will encourage visitor participation, comment, and engagement with rich stories, lesser heard voices, and the people who have and are creating our media world in the region and globally.

Exhibitions will be accompanied by diverse programming and learning experiences for audiences, including publications, screenings, talks, tours, and other resources.

Saif Tip
Northwestern University Qatar - Saif Tip

Saif Tip: On the outside of the building, overlooking the main entrance, is a large LED media-mesh screen – the Saif Tip. Saif means sword in Arabic, and the location of the screen resembles two swords about to meet.

Northwestern University Qatar - Library

Library: Located in the heart of NU-Q’s new building is a two-story library overlooking Oxygen Park. It is designed to be the hub of the building for studying and researching. In addition to online reserves, and access to Northwestern libraries, NU-Q offers a wide range of books, resources, films, and publications.

Black Box
Northwestern University Qatar - Black Box Theater

Black Box: The Black Box is a large multipurpose space for students to produce videos and plays. It includes a separate set design and construction room, which will be accessible next semester. The studio is rigged with lighting equipment and special audio-cancellation and flooring.

Northwestern University Qatar - Auditorium

Auditorium: The auditorium, which fits 115 people, features a large HD projector and can be used to record and stream live events.

Projection Theater
Northwestern University Qatar - Projection Theater

Projection Theater: Another impressive technological feature in the building is the cinema and surround-sound system that is available in the Projection Theater. The theater, which features a 4K cinema and 7.1 Dolby surround system, is an ideal space for film and multimedia project screening. The room is also equipped with automated cameras to record and stream events.

Events Hall
Northwestern University Qatar - Events Hall

Events Hall: The Hall is the largest sound-stage in the region, used to host large-scale events, including graduation.

Studios A, B, C
Northwestern University Qatar - Studios

Studios A, B, C: NU-Q’s building is also home to three production studios, each fitted out to serve a specific purpose. Studio A is a black box studio, which can be repurposed depending on the occasion. Studio B features a sit-com style build for students to produce films, and learn about the ways of directing on set. Studio C features a fixed cyc green screen for animation, and a photography corner.

Audio Edit Suite and Foley Studio
Northwestern University Qatar - Audio Edit Suite and Foley Studio

Audio Edit Suite and Foley Studio: NU-Q’s audio edit suite is decked out with Avid S6, which is a fully professional audio-mixing console, used by professionals in the industry. The Foley Studio has been designed to allow students to reproduce everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other multimedia projects.

4K Director’s Viewing Room
Northwestern University Qatar - 4K Director’s Viewing Room

4K Director’s Viewing Room: A 30-seater 4K cinema room is designed to screen and finalize high-resolution films, available for students to master their film projects. It has equipment that will allow students and faculty to completely edit a digital cinema-quality film.

Computer & Media Labs
Northwestern University Qatar - Labs

Labs: The building includes a number of media lab spaces.

  • Two 24-seater computer labs with iMac 5K retina display
  • Nine 4K editing suites
  • 3-D animation lab, featuring its own render farm

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Architecture and Inspiration

Cast against the capital’s skyline, the four-story facility was designed by renowned American architect Antoine Predock.

Having spent 60 years of his life in New Mexico, Predock is known for buildings that reflect the majesty of the desert and are integrated perfectly within it. Inspired by the familiar scale and sweep of the arid landscape, Predock designed a dramatic and literally monumental structure that at once acts as a great desert fortress and a sheltered cocoon; its rugged and weathered exterior shielding the technological oasis within.

Northwestern University in Qatar

The building exterior is encased in amber travertine limestone blocks sourced from the region.

Northwestern University in Qatar
The architect's sketch of desert dwellings.

LEED Gold certified

The building has achieved a LEED Gold Certification, a mark of quality and achievement in green building construction. LEED certification means healthier, more productive places, and reduced stress on the environment by encouraging energy- and resource-efficiency.

Northwestern University in Qatar
Northwestern University in Qatar
Northwestern University in Qatar
Open stairways and whimsical bridges and balconies suggest a sensation of weightlessness.
Northwestern University in Qatar
The Library features open ceilings and warm wood walls bathed in natural light.
Northwestern University in Qatar
The Dean's Conference Room overlooks the building's courtyards and Oxygen Park.

“An architect cannot design a soul into a building; the building has to earn it.”— Antoine Predock, Architect


Our campus is located in Doha's Education City, at the corner of Slope interchange, next to Georgetown University.

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