Broadcasting, Videography, Photography Resources

  • AP Images 
    About 800 photos per day feed into this photo archive moments after moving onto the AP's spot picture system. Over 3 million U.S. and international photos, from 1826 to present. Almost 200 per day are saved for all time, while others are archived for about one year. Also includes over 60,000 graphics, charts, and timelines.
  • blinkx - A Meta-Video Search Engine 
    Over 18 million hours of video. An advanced video search engine, fed by spiders that crawl the web for audio video content. Retrieves library holdings as well as holding of over 200 leading content and media companies.  Uses visual analysis and speech recognition to better understand rich media content. Search for content, and create personal channels that automatically splice relevant content together.
  • Broadcast & Photo Services
    Free stock photos in categories such as news, people, places, industry, and lifestyle (U.S. Census Bureau).
  • Digital Images: Advertising in Magazines, Newspapers, TV
    University of Washington site with links to free sources of images related to current and historical advertising.
  • Digital Images: Finding & Using
    "A guide to using digital images and locating images" related to various topics.  University of Washington site.
  • Film & Television Literature Index
    Indexes journals in film and television theory, preservation, restoration, writing, production, cinematography, technical aspects, reviews, and abstracts for more than 300 publications.
  • Library of American Broadcasting
    Covers the history of broadcasting and includes links to other sites of historical information on topics such as old time radio and a television chronology.  
  • Museum of Broadcast Communications
    "This museum has extensive archival resources.... which include 13,000 television programs, 4,000 radio programs, 11,000 television commercials, and 4,500 newscasts." (EBSS, Association of College & Research Libraries)
  • National Public Broadcasting Archives
    "Housed at the University of Maryland at College Park, this collection provides archival holdings of U.S. non-commercial broadcasting sources, such as (among others) National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting Service, and Children’s Television Workshop. Also includes collections of personal papers of individuals who have made significant contributions to public broadcasting." (EBSS, Association of College & Research Libraries)
  • Newseum: The Interactive 
    Maintained by the Freedom Forum 
  • Photos: Library of Congress, Collection on Flickr
    Thousands of free photos. "Although the Library of Congress does not grant or deny permission to use photos, the Library knows of no copyright restrictions on the publication, distribution, or re-use of these photos."
  • International Directory of Broadcasts
    Online audio and video content and a comprehensive list of radio stations, etc., international in scope.
  • Television News Archive (Vanderbilt University)
    Includes more than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts from the major U.S. national broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming including ABC's Nightline since 1989. See "Important Note" on front page of website (NU affiliates have free access).
  • University of California at Los Angeles Film and Television Archive
    "This collection houses more than 220,000 television and motion picture titles, as well as more than 27 million feet of newsreel footage. Television programs include (among others) more than 40 years of Emmy Awards broadcasts, and more than 10,000 television advertisements from 1948 through the mid 1980s. Major film collections have been donated by organizations such as (among others) the American Film Institute, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences." (EBSS, Association of College & Research Libraries)
  • Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century 
    "A collection of motion picture film and videotape recording the social, political and cultural history of the 20th Century from 1893 to 1989.... entire collection is now available online to members of the Northwestern community: the index is fully searchable, and the video can be streamed to dorms, classrooms and offices over the local campus network." Covers history, politics, society, literature, fashion and sports.
  • Washington Press Club Foundation: Women in Journalism Project
    "The Women in Journalist Project documents the contributions of more than 50 female journalists who were active in the profession since the 1920s. This is an oral history project, which includes interviews with the women journalists. Many of the interview transcripts are available on the project site. In 1998, the Women in Journalism Project won the Forrest C. Pogue Award for outstanding and continuing contributions to oral history." (EBSS, Association of College & Research Libraries)
  • Women Come to the Front: Journalists, Photographers and Broadcasters During World War II
    "This Library of Congress online exhibit features photographs, articles, and other materials on eight women broadcasters, journalists and photographers of World War II. Also includes a more extensive list of women who worked as accredited correspondents during the Second World War." (EBSS, Association of College & Research Libraries)
  • World Radio Network