Statistics Resources

Major sets of statistics and data:

  • Country Profiles (BBC) 
    "Instant guide" to statistics, history, news, politics, chronology of key events, leaders, media, and economics of countries of the world.
  • Country, Religion, Topical Statistics -- OFFSTATS
    Quick and convenient, provides official statistics from agencies such as as UNICEF, World Bank, local ministries per country and other variables.
  • Europa World: The Europa World Year Book online
    Political and economic information for over 250 countries (click on "online access" and log in with your NetID to connect).
  • ICPSR, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
    Use with statistical software such as SPSS or SAS. "ICPSR maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction."
  • Index to ICPSR Data Sets
    This University of Michigan site helps researchers to find surveys and polls on particular subjects by providing an electronic index to the data sets.
  • LexisNexis Statistical
    Statistical information from governmental and privately-published sources, including the American Statistics Index (ASI) and Statistical Reference Index (SRI).
  • PAIS International
    Bibliographic index to the literature of public policy, social policy, and the social sciences in general. Journal articles, books, government documents, statistical compilations, committee reports, directories, serials, reports of public, intergovernmental, and private organizations, and most other forms of printed literature from all over the world are indexed. This database covers 1972 to the present. Go to PAIS International Archive for coverage from 1937-1976. (The archive will eventually cover 1915 through 1976.)
  • Political Handbook of the World
    A component of the CQ Press Political Reference Suite. Political and government information on all countries.
  • Statistical Data Locators
    A comprehensive set of links to statistics on the web.
  • U.S. Federal Government Statistics-Fedstats
    Gateway to statistics of over 100 federal agencies. Search by topic or agency (e.g., abortion or the Center for Disease Control; air pollution or the Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
    Citations with abstracts from more than 1100 journals in political science and related disciplines. Coverage is international in scope.
  • World Almanac
    Online version of the World Almanac and Book of Facts.

Economics, Finance & Development

  • Economic Research, FRED
    Easy to use time-series database with statistics on banking, Consumer Price Index, employment and population, trade and international transactions, and more from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit on the Internet
    Data on 150 countries, from about 1980 to present. Includes commerce, finance and news updates as well as other country information.
  • Foreign Trade Statistics
    Imports and exports of the United States.
  • ISI Emerging Markets
    Information about the conditions in developing countries of Latin America, Asia and Europe. Includes industry and analyst reports, macroeconomic statistics and forecasts, legal and regulatory information, and opinion polls.
  • SourceOECD
    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Full-text of periodicals and statistics.
  • SRDS Media Solutions
    Standard Rate and Data Service database of cataloged entries of more than 100,000 U.S. and international media properties that are updated monthly. Includes Business Publication Advertising Source, Direct Marketing List Source, Radio Advertising Source, Interactive Advertising Source, Newspaper Advertising Source, Consumer Magazine Advertising Source and TV and Cable Source.
  • World Development Indicators
    Includes 695 series for 229 countries, with range of social, economic, poverty, environmental and other data. Fairly unique in providing some data on military topics. Time span generally begins with 1960. Requires Internet Explorer for access, and VPN for access from off campus.
  • World Economic Outlook (WEO) Database
    This site provides the most frequently requested statistics from the International Monetary Fund's biannual World Economic Outlook.



  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • KILM Key Indicators of the Labour Market
    International Labour Organization's 18 indicators of employment. KILM may be used to examine trends in participation in the world of work. This web site provides information about KILM and how to use the data, which is available on CD-ROM in the Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department.
  • Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey
    Data from monthly household survey "provides a comprehensive body of information on the employment and unemployment experience of the Nation's population, classified by age, sex, race, and a variety of other characteristics."

Law & Criminal Justice

Polling Statistics

Population & Demographics

The Study of Statistics, Online

  • ebrary 
  • This is a full text database of e-books, including many on or about statistics. To access from off campus, click on "Get ebrary Reader" in the upper right corner of the main screen. You need do this only once (i.e., you do not have to do it again next time you use ebrary).
  • MathSciNet
    Citations to articles, conference papers, books, and technical reports in various topics including statistics.
  • Dictionary of Statistics
  • Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics, 3 volumes, 2007
  • Statistical Literacy
    Provides a series of effective, easily understood learning modules such as "Describing, clarifying and presenting data."
  • Statistical Understanding Made Simple
    University of Glasgow. Provides option to create a tutorial (for instructors) or use "Ready Made Tutorials."  Explains types of statistics and graphs, and contains games that can be used to explore the effects of standard deviations and related concepts.