Executive Education

Strategic Communication with Stakeholders

Course Overview

Effective stakeholder communication is vital for establishing and maintaining a positive image for the organization, gaining trust and support for its plans and actions, identifying potential risks, and mitigating conflicts. It is a critically important managerial competence for all who are responsible for external communications. While this is recognized in principle, there are significant challenges involved with setting up a functioning and supple communication infrastructure, developing and implementing effective communications plans, and building teams to enact strategically oriented stakeholder communication – all of which are essential requirements for the sustainability and success of an organization. In this foundational masterclass, participants learn how to harness the power of strategic communication to engage effectively with stakeholders both in good times and, most importantly, in times of organizational crises. After completing the course, participants will know how to identify important stakeholders and prioritize them from a strategic communication perspective; set up, activate and maintain effective communication channels; and options for proactive and reactive communication to engage with stakeholders. Working collaboratively, the class will analyze several case studies that demonstrate how organizations have used strategic communication successfully and unsuccessfully to communicate with stakeholders when facing organizational crises. Participants will apply the insights to plan improvements for stakeholder communication for the home organization.

Who should take this course?

This is a foundational masterclass on the importance of strategic communication as a managerial function in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. It is relevant for communication officers and managers charged with creating and implementing effective stakeholder communication for their organizations. The course is taught at an introductory to intermediate level for managers that lack much or any training in strategic communication and need to develop essential understandings to bolster the success of their teams. While not required, the course is designed to accommodate participation from several participants from the same organization to facilitate a team-based practice that depends on shared understandings and requires collaboration that benefits the home organization.

Course Structure

The course meets for 15 hours in total. Sessions 1 and 2 combine interactive lecture and class discussion on the nature and importance of strategic stakeholder communication, highlighting its significance in the context of organizational crises. Sessions 3 and 4 focus on case study exercises and introduce useful tools for developing and implementing effective stakeholder communication. Participants then work with colleagues in the home organization to plan stakeholder communication improvements and share their work with the class and instructor in Sessions 5 which is devoted to discussion and feedback.

Key Benefits

After completing this Masterclass, participants will

  • Have an essential understanding of key concepts in stakeholder communication
  • Understand basic principles and best practices for using strategic communication to engage with stakeholders
  • Recognize the critical importance of stakeholder communication in crisis situations
  • Be able to design a strategy and action plan for effective stakeholder communication

Course Fee

The course fee is $ 2325 (QAR 8463) per participant. The fee includes lunch on the first day and hospitality service for the two evening sessions. Participation requires payment in full at the time of registration via Eventbrite. Refunds are provided on the following basis:

  • 100% refund or postponement if cancelled/notified 28 days prior to course commencement.
  • 75% refund or postponement if cancelled/notified 14 days prior to course commencement.
  • 50% refund if cancelled 7 days prior to course commencement.
  • 25% refund if cancelled 48 hours prior to course commencement.
  • 0% refund if cancelled less than 48 prior to course commencement or no show.

Participants who cancel enrolment can choose to transfer the paid fee to a future masterclass rather than receive a refund. Should the course fees differ, participants will receive a refund on the difference or make an additional ‘top-up’ payment.

A 15% discount is offered for Qatar Foundation and university employees in Education City, as well as NUQ alumni. 

Course Dates

Two 3-hour sessions Thursday, January 25 – 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Two 3-hour sessions Thursday, February 1 – 9:30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

One 3-hour follow-up discussion session on Thursday, February 15 – 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Meet the instructor 

George Anghelcev, PhD
Associate Professor in Residence
Specialist in Strategic Communication