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Building the Corporate Reputation

Course Overview

Building and maintaining positive public perceptions is a strategic priority for private and public sector organizations today. Positive perceptions are essential for differentiation in crowded markets, to strengthen support and cultivate loyalty among customers and stakeholders, and to improve integration by harnessing the power of purpose among and between managers and employees.

The traditional approach to managing the corporate reputation was an outside-in approach that starts with external stakeholders (customers, citizens, regulators, funders, etc.) and works backwards to align the brand as much as possible. A growing body of research in strategic communications has documented too many failures with this approach due to the volatility, diversity and inconsistency of external factors. The alternative is an inside-out approach that has proven to be a more reliable and cost-effective strategy for successful brand building with correlated internal benefits for the organization. This approach begins with clarifying the chief assets of the organization and works to identify incongruities between values, practices and performance. The strategy focuses on improving shared understanding and commitment among employees and mangers. This inclusive strategy has much higher potential for achieving sustainable results.

Organizations that have implemented the inside-out approach report a range of benefits that include sharpened and shared understandings of the organization's identity and purpose, reduced work culture fragmentation, improved synergy among departments and personnel, higher and more consistent employee motivation and engagement, and improved returns on investment due to higher degrees of loyalty from customers and strengthened support among stakeholders. These are common results from improved internal communications, a clearer focus for decision-making and problem-solving, and tighter coherence between internal and external communications.

Who should take this course?

This foundational masterclass is designed to provide a workshop experience for a practical learning process to understand and apply the inside-out approach in your organization.  The course is suitable for introductory to intermediate levels of knowledge and skill for professionals who are responsible for organizational brand building, internal communications, external marketing, and reducing fragmentation in work cultures. Participation encourages professional networking among a cohort of colleagues engaged in similar kinds of work who face common challenges.  Enrolment of several members from the same organization is accommodated to support internal team building and project management. The language of instruction is English.

Course Structure

The course meets for 12 hours in total. The first day features two sessions of three hours with a lunch break between the two. Instruction focuses on developing an essential understanding of what is required for an organization to first build and then sustain a competitive brand identity. The morning session provides an overview of principles and characteristics of brand reputation management and clarifies the primary differences between the traditional outside-in approach and today’s inside-out approach, using cases to explain why the latter is more successful. The afternoon session drills down on structures and strategies that enable applying the inside-out approach for brand building and maintenance. The evening session in the following week is a workshop. Participants will be given a worksheet that provides a framework for collaborating with relevant colleagues and managers in their home organizations in producing a practical project their organizations could apply. They will learn what to do and how to go about the steps involved in 1) assessing the current state of organizational readiness and internal support for the inside-out branding approach and 2) proposing practical steps the organization can take to develop a new brand strategy and implement that for improving its reputation. In the break before the final session participants will complete the project and share results with the instructor who will prepare feedback and then guide participants the final session as they share experiences and develop insights. Participants are not required to divulge sensitive internal information.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve an essential understanding of corporate reputation as a core requirement for successful and sustainable company brands.
  • Understand how to achieve the benefits of improved internal collaboration to enhance synergy and align the organization from the inside-out.
  • Assess characteristic organizational challenges for successful brand building and requirements for sustainable long-term maintenance.
  • Learn key strategies and foundational tools for applying the inside-out approach.
  • Improve organizational work culture as the catalyst for improving the performance of products and services.

Course Fee

The course fee is 7,264 QAR ($1,995 USD) per participant. The fee includes lunch on the first day and hospitality services for the two evening sessions. Individual registration is done using the Eventbrite online system. In case of cancellation of participation for any reason, refunds are provided on the following basis:

  • 100% refund if cancelling two weeks or more before the first session.
  • 50% refund if cancelling less than two weeks but not more than one week before the first session.
  • 30% refund if cancelling less than one week and up to 48-hours in advance.
  • No refund if cancelling less than 48-hours in advance.

Participants who successfully complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Meet the instructor

Ilhem Allagui, PhD
Professor of Strategic Communication
Director of the Journalism and Strategic Communication Program
Specialist in Strategic Communication