2021 Media & Research Awards

Northwestern Qatar’s annual Media and Research Awards program celebrates exceptional student work, provides exposure and networking opportunities to students, and inspires them to continue to improve their academic work. This year’s Media and Research Awards will feature nominees from the academic years 2019 - 2020 and 2020 - 2021.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021


5:30 p.m.




Written Word


This category is for any kind of writing that is intended to be more expressive than expository, including short stories, screenplays, and plays.

Journalistic Writing

This category is for any kind of writing created under the broad umbrella of “news,” including hard news, feature articles, profiles, or editorials.

Strategic Communication

This category is for strategic messages intended to promote brands, organizations, products, behaviors, social causes or ideas; such submissions include PSAs, TV commercials, print ads, radio ads, press releases, feature stories, plans for events, etc. Along with the message piece, students must submit one page of strategic rationale that includes: communication objective, target audience, and a research-based rationale.

Research and analysis: Humanities

This category is reserved for analytic papers that employ methods and conventions most common in the humanities, including film and media studies, English, history, religion, philosophy, art history, etc.

Research and analysis: Social Science

This category is reserved for analytic papers that employ research questions and methods most common in the social sciences, including anthropology, communication studies, economics, political science, sociology, etc. 

Moving Image


This category is for documentary moving image.

Narrative Fiction

This category is for fictional moving image.


Journalistic approaches to visual storytelling would fall into this category, including broadcast news packages, news photography, or video news packages.

Co-curricular Projects

Published News

This category is for articles, multimedia, video, and graphics that have appeared in university publications, including The Daily Q and The Daily Northwestern.

Funded Moving Image

This category is reserved for visual stories that were not done for academic course work, including works supported by Studio 20Q, Doha Film Institute, Pulitzer Center, or research grants.