Pre-University Program

Winter Media Program: Culture & Literature Beyond Passport Colors

January 5-9, 2020

Experience university life at Northwestern.

This course will introduce the idea of ‘Imagined Communities’ as defined by Benedict Anderson and draw the connection between cultures, struggles and communities through literature and film. The course will tackle the following questions and concepts:

  • How do we restore / recreate / preserve culture beyond borders?
  • What is the role of literature and film in creating imagined communities?
  • Preserving culture through literature.
  • Narrating the past and present through literature and film.



Hanan Hindi, PhD


January 5-9, 2020


Northwestern University, Education City, Qatar
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The program is open to all high-school students. On-campus housing is available. Northwestern University in Qatar provides visa assistance for participants who require one to enter Qatar.

Program participation fee

Without housing

USD $500 or QAR 1,820

With housing provided

USD $1,000 or QAR 3,640

Registration is now open