The Digital Transformation of Sport Media

January 30, 2020


Northwestern University in Qatar will host a conference that will explore the changes that digitization has brought to sports and sports media, both live and reported. These changes have revolutionized how fans consume, react, and experience sports. Meanwhile, new data has significantly changed the business of sport worldwide by allowing corporations to reach fans directly, shedding light on critical issues that range from sports marketing to the portrayal of women in sports.

Enhance your understanding of the future of digital sports media, the challenges and opportunities for media professionals in the world of sport, and explore some of the most controversial topics in this highly competitive industry. Join us for this one-day conference on January 30th at NU-Q.


Susan Brownell
University of Missouri-St. Louis

"The Pursuit of Soft Power Through Sport Mega-Events: China's Lessons for Qatar"


Susan Brownell is an internationally recognized expert on sports and diplomacy. She has done fieldwork in China, primarily in Beijing and Shanghai and was a Fulbright senior researcher at the Beijing Sport University, doing research on the Beijing Olympic Games.  She also did research on the Olympics in Athens, Rio, and PyeongChang.


The Digital Transformation of Sport and Sports Journalism

Panelists: Mohammed El Said, beIN; Bagis Erten, Eurosport; and Roisin O’Shea, Stubhub

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Sports Media and the Future of Women’s Sport

Panelists: Ania El-Afandi, beIN; Yagmur Nuhrat, Bilgi University; Roisin O’Shea, StubHub; and Luis Henrique Rolim, Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum

Covering International Sport: Outside the Pitch

Panelists: Mahfoud Amara, Qatar University; Susan Brownell, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Patrick Hruby, HReal Sports Newsletter; and David Owen,

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