Pre-College Program

Fall Media Program

October 18-October 22, 2020

Reimagining Your Short Story: Understand the Power of Storytelling

Today’s world provides an opportunity where everyone can share or create a story. Understand the power of storytelling and how it echoes through the world and through generations. This one-week program will shed light on the most important elements of storytelling and character development. Students will learn and create their own stories to share with the world.

The course will tackle the following questions and concepts:

  • What is the importance of storytelling in all its forms?
  • What role does a short story play in shaping our understanding of a community/culture?
  • What are the elements of a short story?
  • How do we develop a character to achieve and contribute to our theme?


Hanan Hindi, PhD, Northwestern Qatar


October 18-October 22, 2020

Program participation fee

USD $100 or QAR 364


Registration is now open