Semester in Qatar: Program Costs

Direct billed program costs are currently $21,420 and cover tuition, housing and textbook fees. All students attending this program will receive a $5,000 scholarship, which will be applied to direct costs through CAESAR.  If you are a financial aid recipient, these funds will be incorporated into your financial aid package for the term. These figures are based on 2018-19 NU tuition and housing information.

Indirect costs, consisting of meals and incidentals, are approximated at $3,150. Indirect costs are based on a survey of costs for students currently in the undergraduate program at NU-Q. Meals are approximated at $21 per day; personal expenses are approximated on $9 per day, but can vary based on personal spending behaviors.

The Experience MENA Trip is funded by Northwestern University in Qatar. For this trip, students should only budget for minor incidental and travel costs.

Program Direct Costs
Fall 2018 Tuition $18,040
Activity, Athletic, Health Fees $186
Textbook Fee $600
Housing $2,594
Direct Billed Costs $21,420
Program Indirect Costs
Meals $2,205
Personal Expenses $945
Estimated Non-billed Costs $3,150
Total Student Budget $24,570

Additional Information

For more information on financial assistance and managing your money abroad, visit the Money Matters section of the Study Abroad website.

Learn more about housing and meals while studying abroad at NU-Q.


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