Semester in Qatar: Curricular Offerings

All classes are taught in English. In addition to taking courses at NU-Q, Semester in Qatar students can also take classes at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Georgetown University in Qatar, Texas A&M University in Qatar, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. 

Communication courses

Communication courses offer in-depth analysis and critique of film and cinema from a Middle Eastern perspective and with a unique lens on storytelling. Study of theory and practice is blended with the use of the latest cinematographic camera equipment and 3D-modeling software for personal and group projects.

Previous semester course examples:

  • Exploring Global Media
  • Lighting and Cinematography
  • Acting: Basic Techniques
  • Foundations of Screenwriting
  • Analyzing Media Texts
  • Girls Media Culture

Journalism courses

NU-Q’s journalism program includes courses in news and magazine writing, “on-the-street” reporting and multimedia storytelling, public relations, advanced broadcast production, advanced online storytelling, and documentary production. All television and video courses are taught in NU-Q’s fully equipped, professional-grade control room and studios.

Previous semester course examples:

  • Multimedia and Visual Journalism
  • Public Relations Communication Strategies and Writing
  • Introduction to Statistics for Journalism Students
  • Techniques: Video Journalism
  • Media Law & Ethics

Liberal Arts

History, economics, political science, religious studies, literature, biology and statistics—these are just a few examples from the liberal art and sciences foundation, a hallmark of an elite Northwestern education. Our liberal arts program includes courses relevant to the region, helping students prepare for roles in the world’s fast-growing media industries.

Previous semester course examples:

  • Contemporary Arab Thought
  • Literatures of Migration
  • Islamic Intellectual History
  • Medieval Muslim Empires
  • Gender in Arab Popular Fiction


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