Sima Hamadeh is a postdoctoral scholar in the Executive Education Program. Prior to joining Northwestern University in Qatar, she was the program coordinator of nutrition and dietetic sciences and an associate professor at Haigazian University and a senior lecturer in the Nutrition Master program at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

She received her Master’s degree in Community Nutrition (evolution of nutrition studied in printed media) and PhD in Public Health Nutrition (food and sports policies and communication) from the University of Montreal-Canada. Her PhD work was considered by Canadian experts an original guide to national and international decision and policymakers to develop, implement, and evaluate the components of school nutrition (food and physical activity) policies and nutrition communication strategies.

Since then, she has worked closely with different ministries, organizations, and international institutions. She has several publications related to public health nutrition matters (nutrition in media, nutrition economics, and consumerism, food systems, sociopsychology of nutrition, e-commerce of food and sports, food smart cities, etc.), food and sports policies in different contexts (schools, neighborhoods, communities, etc.), food marketing, and food and physical activity communication strategies. She has provided many talks at national and international scientific congresses. Hamadeh was honored as a finalist for several projects and awarded special prizes for her outstanding papers in Europe, Canada, Gulf countries, and Lebanon. She is also a former member of several executive international scientific committees and associations, and a reviewer for distinguished scientific peer-reviewed journals and health short movie applications to the annual American Public Health Association conference.

Hamadeh’s main research interest deals with public health nutrition, communication, and policies topics. She published several papers exploring these topics from different perspectives, and she designed various significant comprehensive theoretical frameworks and models to consolidate her research work.

Most recently, Hamadeh developed an interest in health communication and journalism studies. This has served to sharpen her inclination to engage in active research within this area which will allow her to blend her professional interests and personal passions into her career.


  • Public health nutrition studies
  • Sociocultural studies of food
  • Nutrition in media and communication
  • Sports and healthy lifestyles communication
  • Food and physical activity policies
  • Food marketing studies
  • Nutrition psychology studies
  • Nutrition economics and consumerism
  • E-food and sports commerce
  • Food systems and consumer behavior studies


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Awards and Honors

Honored as a finalist in the Emerald’s Real Impact Award Prize- category: Mobilizing research into action for the outstanding state-of-the-art project “The New Encyclopedia of Nutrition: A reality after COVID-19” from Emerald Publishing. Bradford, UK. January 2021.

Awarded the “Special Prize” for the outstanding innovative project “E-newsletter: Food, Nature and Health Nexus- FNHN” from the Nature Conservation Center-AUB at the 14th edition of IBDAA competition. Beirut, Lebanon. April 2020.

Awarded the “Best Paper” for the outstanding research “Food marketing, Media, Interactive Communication and Consumer Behavior: Smart Food Policies Model in the Digital Age” from the Al Falah University at TASK International Conference 2019. Dubai, UAE. May 2019.

Awarded the “Prix d’Excellence Scientifique Franco-Libanais 2015” for the outstanding research project “Perceptions of different stakeholders to the development of an eventual school nutrition policy (Food &Physical Activity) in Lebanon” from the Société des Membres de la Légion d’Honneur au Liban & the French Embassy in Lebanon. Beirut, Lebanon. May 2015.

Honored as a Guest Speaker and Local Influencer in the national event “Celebrating Leadership en route to Vision 2020” from Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors. Montreal, Canada. May 2010.

Awarded the “Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009” - as Highly Commended Award Winner - for the research project entitled “Food motivation: Content analysis of Chatelaine women's magazine”. Award presented by Jennifer Bowerman (Co-editor) at the Press office of the convention “Health Achieve 2009 Conference: Inspiring ideas and Innovation”, Toronto, Canada. November 2009.