Giovanni Bandi currently heads the asset management supervision team at the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority. In his role he leads the work carried out by the Regulatory Authority on mutual and hedge fund managers, and the broader investment advisory activities of QFC Firms. Bandi joined the QFCRA from the UK Financial Services Authority where he was a technical specialist in the asset management sector team, leading the FSA’s work on fund surveillance. He previously worked at MSCI Riskmetrics in London, the market leader in risk management quantitative methods, where he was head of wealth management analytics for the Europe, Middle East and Asia clients. In this role he advised several international banks on the application of quantitative methods and risk management practice within the international regulatory frameworks.

Bandi is part of the Durham Law School staff at Durham University in the UK. He is currently researching how the various regulatory environments for collective investment schemes are constituted and their principles of fairness to the parties involved. He is focusing on the various regulatory regimes design, effectiveness for the investors and the duties of the advisors and third parties. Bandi’s research focuses on different existing national regimes of CIS and substantiates the differences in their quality and structure. He is PhD candidate under the supervision of Orkun Akseli, co-director of the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law.

Bandi also serves on the board of the newly established Business Law Center at the College of Law at Qatar University. The Business Law Center aims to bridge the gap between business community in Qatar and the global business law academy.

He holds a BSc/MSc in economics and finance from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and an LL.M in European business law from the PALLAS Consortium (Essex, UK), a joint program of nine European universities.