Chicken is for the birds: Changing the deadly driving behaviors of young Qatari men

Susan Dun, Sue Pak
Hazar Eskandar, Ibrahim Alhashmi, Mohammed Buhmaid, Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb, Shaikha Al-Naimi
Funding: Qatar National Research Fund Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP)

Changing the driving attitudes of young Qatari men is the objective of our study. It uses a tailored message campaign developed from research on the target audience. We will conduct an in-depth formative research study with young Qatari men, identifying their driving beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Using the results from the formative research, we will plan and shoot a 7-10 minute persuasive documentary targeting the key beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that emerge. Such a tailored message is critical to success, as we must adapt it to the particular attitude structures of the audience for it to succeed. We will workshop the documentary with the target audience, making necessary changes to increase its persuasive effectiveness. We will then screen it to audiences in Qatar as well as post it online and spread the link via social media. We will conduct evaluation research to assess the film’s influence on beliefs, attitudes and behavioral intentions.