New Student Programs

New Student Programs (NSP) is a touchstone for new NU-Q students, including incoming first-years, transfer students, and Evanston students studying at our campus.

Wildcat Welcome Week

New student orientation, or Wildcat Welcome Week, is mandatory for all incoming undergraduate first-year and transfer students. Make new friends, learn about academic and community expectations, and meet the people who will serve as critical resources, guiding you through the next four years. Orientation typically occurs just before the start of fall term at NU-Q.

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Transitioning to college life

New Student Programs can answer any questions you may have about life at NU-Q. Our Summer Transition Series (STS) aims to help each incoming class of NU-Q students:

  1. Interact by meeting key members of the NU-Q community, building awareness of student resources and opportunities.
  2. Communicate by providing a platform to speak directly with “experts” and peers regarding topics that interest you.
  3. Connect in a way that is convenient to all – it’s as easy as checking email or engaging on social media.

The overarching goal of STS is for each new student to already feel like a true Wildcat, comfortable and somewhat familiar with the NU-Q community, on the first day of orientation. STS is developed around the principles of creating additional programming support during the months of May-August, providing accurate information on summer “action-based” transition and onboarding items, establishing an electronic medium to facilitate and further encourage university and student interaction, and enhance outreach to NU-Q’s diverse global community.

Summer Transition Series

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Meet the team

The NSP team is comprised of peer advisers, media specialists, and Week of Welcome (WOW) leaders. Led by two co-chairs, the objectives of NSP are to:

  • Welcome new students to NU-Q
  • Establish connections both within the incoming class and with their peers
  • Make incoming students aware of the resources available to them, including but not limited to, (1) academic resources, (2) opportunities for student involvement, and (3) opportunities to establish a relationship between the NU-Q and Education City-wide communities
  • Empower incoming students to make responsible decisions as NU-Q community members
  • Foster pride and enthusiasm in the Northwestern community

As an incoming first-year or transfer student, you will be assigned to a peer advising group (also known as prides) facilitated by a peer adviser for the duration of Wildcat Welcome Week and your first year.

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