Campus Life

Enrolling at Northwestern University in Qatar makes you a part of the Education City student body: young people from over 60 nations attending world class universities, all in one sprawling, 2,500-acre campus.

Education City was built as an inspiring home to the next generation of professionals. With spectacular architecture, modern amenities and activities to keep you healthy, busy and growing as a person, this is the ideal place to study, relax, live independently, build friendships and experience the best of college life.

NU-Q campus information


Those who live on campus stay in HBKU Student Housing: state-of-the-art facilities created to be sustainable, bright, practical and inspirational.

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Get involved

The Wildcats are a lively and diverse group of students who enjoy a top education, but also fun and social learning activities, clubs and organizations.

Transitioning to college life

We want your transition from high school to college to go as smoothly as possible. Learn more about programs, services and resources for new students: