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announcement from your NUqsu president:  yara darwish

Updated April 9, 2014

Hello everyone!

We will have our last NUQSU open meeting of the semester on Sunday, April 13th at 12pm in 3069.  Every NU-Q student is STRONGLY encouraged to attend this meeting.  The following items will be covered in this meeting:

1. Presentation by Stephen Franklin and Dean Dennis on the new building.  If you have questions regarding the new building please bring them. If you want information regarding the new building, come to this meeting.

2.  Information regarding NUQSU elections (SEE information below) 

NU-Q SU is calling for nominations for the 2014-2015 school year. 

You may nominate yourself, or anyone you know between the dates of Tuesday, April 8th until 5pm on Tuesday, April 15th.  Please email Yara Darwish ( with the name of the person you'd like to nominate and the name of the position he/she/you will be running for. 

These are the available positions:

Year-Long Positions: 

  • President (You must be a full-time NU-Q student for the entire academic year)
  • Vice-President (You must be a full-time NU-Q student for the entire academic year)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer 
  • Events Coordinator (x2) 
  • Media Coordinator (x2)
  • Semester-Long Positions
  • Class Representatives (2 per class, one COMM and one JOURN)
  • Sports Coordinator


President and Vice-President have a slightly different selection procedure that is based on the following breakdown:

  • 50% Student Votes
  • 40% Interview
  • 10% Extracurricular involvement
  • Only rising seniors and rising juniors who will be on campus (in DOHA) and are full-time NU-Q students for the entire academic year can run for President and they must have at least TWO semesters worth of NU-Q SU Experience 
  • Students must have at least ONE semester of NU-Q SU experience to run for Vice-President 

Previous NU-Q SU presidents and alumni who were part of NU-Q SU will interview all candidates running for President and Vice-President. The point system for the interview will be based on a rubric created by the interviewing team. Extracurricular involvement includes previous NU-Q SU experience, NU-Q or HBKU Club leadership and or experience, event participation and involvement in NU-Q and HBKU initiatives.


On the evening of Tuesday 15th, we will email nominees to accept their nominations. On Wednesday April 16th campaigning begins. 

These can include but are not limited to videos/posters/cupcake distribution/etc... This is a reminder that all campaigns need to be positive, professional and respectful to all candidates. Please keep it clean. We don't want any smear campaigns or ugly attacks. Please note that if there are any campaign flyers, posters or social media  post (MEMES, FB wall post, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or any other forms of communication that are disrespectful, demeaning or unprofessional towards another candidate or any other person in the NU-Q community posted, LaKisha Tillman, as advisor to NU-QSU, will be forced to end the campaigning.  Please remember that we are a caring community where “Do No Harm” to others is a nonnegotiable value. If you are wanting to post flyers, please see LaKisha Tillman (3115) on or before Wednesday, April 16th so that she may sign your poster for approval.  Please post flyers only on the bulletin boards around campus and inside of the student lounge.  DO NOT POST on walls or pillars.

Interviews for Vice-President and President positions will happen on April 20, 21, 22.  For those candidates who are currently abroad your interview can be done via Skype. 

The voting will happen online on Thursday April 24. 

Results will promptly be announced on Sunday, April 27.

Good luck!



Student affairs staff are here to help you have the best college experience possible. Feel free to leave feedback or contact us at