Future Students

Welcome to Northwestern University in Qatar. Deciding on a college is one of the biggest decisions you are likely to make in your academic career. But that doesn’t mean it should be overwhelming. In fact, the process of deciding where to attend school and what to study should be exciting and ultimately, very rewarding. 

NU-Q at a glance:

  • NU-Q offers two undergraduate programs: journalism and communication. Regardless of the program that students choose, they have the opportunity to take classes in both areas.
  • The core of NU-Q’s curriculum is to learn by doing. You’ll begin doing the work of journalism or communication professionals your first semester--reporting, writing, shooting video, editing, audio and more.
  • NU-Q embraces a liberal arts curriculum. This allows students to learn about a wide variety of topics while gaining an advanced knowledge in journalism or communication.  
  • All NU-Q students are encouraged to take classes at other Education City universities. This opens a world of opportunity. You can study philosophy, business, diplomacy, international relations, physics, biology, math and more.

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