Experiential Learning:International Academic Trips and Service Opportunities

Experiential Learning:
International Academic Trips and Service Opportunities

NU-Q’s location in the Middle East gives ours students the unique advantage to take the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom and apply them across the globe. These experiential learning opportunities encourage students to step out of their comfort zones, report untold stories, turn strangers into friends, and become more well-rounded as both people and media professionals.

Prior to these experiences, students research their international destination and its issues to prepare themselves intellectually and emotionally for working in a new and often unfamiliar culture. During or after their visit, they engage in discussion and reflection to synthesize the knowledge gained from the experience with their earlier expectations, prejudices and education.

International travel and learning programs foster a global citizenship vision through civic engagement and cultural immersion experiences that lead to more holistic and professional development. Student pursuing the B.S. in journalism are required to complete a journalism residency.