Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

The success of Northwestern’s alumni lies not only in their abilities to do the day-to-day work of their chosen field, but also in their abilities to combine thinking and theory from a broad range of subject areas.

The filmmaker, for example, will make a better a film on modern-day Oman with knowledge of the history of the Middle East. The journalist will craft a better story on a new music venue with knowledge of business, finance and mathematics. In fact, students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism take about two-thirds of their courses in the arts and sciences.


Liberal arts courses are taught in a variety of disciplines such as Arabic, English, history, religious studies, political science, and economics. Courses include:

  • Principles of Economics
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Arabic for Media
  • History of the Modern Middle East
  • Contemporary Arab Thought
  • Islam in America
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